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Varrocleaner (Oxalic acid vaporizer)

Varrocleaner is oxalic acid vaporizer. It is also used for wiping the bee tick, varroa, out.
It is described as an evaporator-sublimator of oxalic acid but its application can be expanded to some other substances, such as oil essences etc.
This method of work is over 90% efficient and bees and queen bees put up with oxalic acid in an excellent way.
Varrocleaner is power supplied by 12V batteries with the heater which produces the power of 150W in the cup and temperature of 250oC within 2.5 min.
The use of this device is featured by:
easy manipulation,
the possibility of its use with all types of hives (the cup is 8 mm thick), except with the styropor hives due to high temperature,
the entrance seal plays a double role:
it prevents evaporation of oxalic acid thus protecting the beekeeper - operator,
it serves as a cup stabilizer (it prevents cup overturning in the hive),
compulsory use of safety devices (protective mask, goggles, gloves and protective suit) by the beekeeper.
A reliable heater and operation in accordance with the instructions will make this device handy for each beekeeper.